Acceptance of payments, payments to individuals, settlement

One of the main tasks that Win Pay helps to cope with is the provision of instant payments to individuals. It is about instant crediting of money to bank cards using the Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend protocols, to online wallets and cell phones, or receiving cash through money transfer systems.

In addition, with Win Pay’s help you can connect your Internet business to payment systems and promptly establish the process of receiving online payments from users from Russia and other countries all over the world. Our solutions are suitable for any business in the field of e-commerce, whether it is an online store, a website, MMO game, trading or something else.

The enterprises of various industries chose to become our customers. And that is betting and forex companies confidently leading in their market segments, microfinance projects that issue online loans to individuals, international FMCG companies, marketing agencies, etc.

Also, we are trusted by large companies offering cashback to their customers, e-wallet project owners, partner programs organizers, online games creators and many others. Win Pay operates with residents of the Russian Federation and with representatives of other jurisdictions.

Win Pay enjoys successful cooperation with several large companies working in high-risk segments. This is why it is safe to say that we understand the specifics and subtleties of their business, including technical, legal and methodological issues.

How we work

As surprising as it may sound, companies working in the Russian market are in a privileged position compared to foreign peers, as they can make instant payments to their customers’ bank cards.

Visa’s Original Credit Transaction and MasterCard’s Payment Transfer are used globally to make payments to card accounts and it takes three to five business days to receive the payment. Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend technologies available in Russia are capable of transferring money instantly. It goes without saying that it takes the trust of your customers to the next level.

It is one thing to wait a week for your well-deserved payment, and quite another thing to receive a text alert from your bank in just a few seconds after the funds are paid into your account.