Acceptance of payments, payouts, settlement

We work both with pay-ins and pay-outs, but we take special pride in our mass payment solutions. We instantly credit money to individuals' e-wallets, mobile accounts, bank cards with Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend protocols and send cash through money transfer systems.

Win Pay developed secure solutions serving e-commerce businesses with need to accept payments from users and send them out to accounts around the world.

Our pool of customers has companies from high-risk and low-risk segments in various industries. We assist marketing agencies, cash-back services, freelance job boards, forex, betting, lotteries and so much more.

Whatever is the purpose of payment, we will do it securely in a matter of a second.

Win Pay successfully cooperates with large-scale customers in low-risk and high risk. 5 years of deep and diverse experience gives us a comprehensive understanding of business specifics from legal, technical and methodological points of view.

How we work

Visa and MasterCard bank cards owners in Russia can enjoy instant money transfers thanks to latest technological advancements.

It's common around the world to use Visa Original Credit Transaction and MasterCard Payment Transfer protocols to make payments to cards accounts, and it usually takes from 3 to 5 days to receive the money. Latest Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend technologies applied to transactions in Russia allow to make payments instantly.

No doubt it makes businesses much more competitive and takes customers loyalty and trust to the next level.