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Non-cash payments in Russia became much more popular

The popularity of bank cards in Russia is growing
Russians began to use bank cards more often and withdraw less cash

Non-cash payments in Russia became much more popular

According to Bank of Russia, Russians are less likely to withdraw cash from bank cards and started to use these cards to pay for all kinds of goods and services more often. In total, at the end of September 2017, 265 million payment cards were issued in Russia, and 150 million of it were "active" - that is, at least one operation was performed with its use.

And for the first nine months of 2017, individuals withdrew from the cards 18.7 trillion rubles. While in the same period of 2016 this amount exceeded 19 trillion. The same trend is observed in the first half of the year: in 2016 for the first six months of the year, 12.2 trillion rubles were withdrawn from cards, and in 2017 - 142 billion rubles less.

At the same time, the number and total amount of non-cash card transactions continue to grow steadily. For three quarters of 2017, Russians used cards almost 13 billion times in the trade and service network, and that made a total of 11.4 trillion rubles. The average check was 891 rubles.

There is also an increase in operations, not related to the payment of goods, works and services. For example, transfers from card to card. The number of such transactions for the reported period has almost doubled - 1.8 billion transactions worth 12.6 trillion rubles.

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