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People under 40 prefer to contact the MFI, not the bank

MFIs are more popular among young people
Young people often turn to MFIs instead of banks

People under 40 prefer to contact the MFI, not the bank

According to a joint study conducted by the United Credit Bureau (UCB) and the online loan service "E loan", borrowers under 40 years are much more likely to prefer online MFIs to banks. Thus, in 2017, their share was 79% of the total, while the same figure among those who applied for unsecured loan to the bank was only 58%.

And at the same time, clients of online MFIs are getting younger each year, and the share of borrowers under 40 years from 2015 has grown by 8%. At the same time, experts note that the most serious growth is observed among borrowers under 25 - this figure has increased from 14% to 23% since 2015. Among the clients of banks, this indicator for the last two years has decreased from 12% to 11%.

In proportion to the growing interest of consumers, interest in MFIs from investors is also growing. Microfinance has traditionally been associated with the provision of financial services to individuals or start-ups. Thanks to microfinance organizations, they get more free access to sources of funding. And the Win Pay company can become the right partner, the one that will make the process of money transfer as easy as possible.

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