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Sharp increase in demand for loans on the holidays eve

Demand for loans grew
The loans went much more in demand on the New Year eve

Sharp increase in demand for loans on the holidays eve

Russian banks and microfinance organizations (MFIs) report a significant increase in the issuance of consumer loans on the New Year eve. And in 2017 this indicator has grown significantly compared to the same period of the last year.

Over the past three months the issuance of consumer loans increased by 50% compared with the autumn-winter of 2016, and the average check on consumer loans rose to 350-400 thousand rubles. According to analysts, this is associated with all sorts of holiday sales and the opportunity to buy expensive items at special New Year prices.

There is also a significant increase in demand for loans through MFIs. Microfinance has traditionally been associated with the provision of financial services to individuals or start-ups, and one of its main goals is the high speed of obtaining money and creating a dynamic and efficient credit system.

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