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The of bitcoin collapse and petroyuan in 2018?

Outrageous predictions of 2018
Saxo Bank traditionally shares the most unexpected forecasts

The of bitcoin collapse and petroyuan in 2018?

For several years, analysts of one of Denmark's largest investment banks, Saxo Bank, have published so-called "Outrageous Predictions" on the company's website, making the most unexpected forecasts for the next year. The events listed by experts are often called "black swans". The ones like this are unlikely, but can completely change the current picture of the financial world. And not only financial.

But no matter how incredible Saxo Bank assumptions are, they are not so rare. Last year, for example, in "Outrageous Predictions" it was said about the growth of the Mexican peso, and the rate of this currency has significantly risen. In addition, in the "Outrageous Predictions of 2017" experts paid special attention to bitcoin and its growth, and we see what bitcoin-fever is happening in the market.

Saxo Bank didn't forget about bitcoin this time either, but this year, analysts of the Danish organization predict its collapse. According to "Outrageous Predictions of 2018", bitcoin will grow rapidly throughout the year, but because of Russia and China, which will prohibit unauthorized operations in the crypto currency, it is waiting for an equally rapid decline. And by 2019 it will cost no more than $1000.

China will switch to the so-called "petroyuan". Using the weakening of US influence in the world, the Shanghai Energy Exchange will begin to conclude oil contracts in Chinese currency, which will ultimately have huge financial and geopolitical consequences.

In the United States, in turn, Washington's control over the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve System will strengthen - this will be done to prevent the threat of a collapse of the debt market. And as a result, the US Federal Reserve will completely lose its independence.

Against the backdrop of these events, Saxo Bank analysts forecast a strong surge in volatility in the world markets. The Danish experts compared the expected situation to the "powder keg".

In addition, this year's "Outrageous Predictions" says that women will gain more and more influence in corporations. And although it's too early to speak about the complete "change of power", according to the authors of the "predictions", the number of Fortune 500 companies with women on the leading roles will grow from 32 at least twice in 2018.

And finally, the "African Spring" and the flowering of South Africa was predicted. A change of governance will happen in several African countries, and this will push these states to the beginning of a powerful economic growth. South Africa will take leading position, its currency will grow by 30% against the US dollar.

For more details, see the "Outrageous Predictions of 2018" on the Saxo Bank official website. By the way, you can read last year's issues there as well – in order to compare how much experts' forecasts turned out to be true in the past.