Leading platform for instant mass payments in Russia

We work both with pay-ins and pay-outs, but we take special pride in our mass payment solutions. We instantly credit money to individuals' e-wallets, mobile accounts, bank cards with Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend protocols and send cash through money transfer systems.

Among our customers are enterprises of various industries. These are betting and forex companies, confidently leading in their market segments, microfinance projects that issue online loans to individuals, international FMCG companies, marketing agencies and many others.

Win Pay is the first dedicated platform for instant mass payments. We make payments to individuals accounts on behalf of legal entities.

Our pool of customers has companies from high-risk and low-risk segments in various industries. We assist marketing agencies, cash-back services, freelance job boards, forex, betting, lotteries and so much more.

Whatever is the purpose of payment, we will do it in a secure way in a matter of second.

Key payment methods

  • Bank cards

  • Mobile phone accounts

  • E-wallets

  • Money transfer systems

In most cases individuals receive payments immediately after we get approval from customer via API

We strive to make transfers lightning-fast with the latest technologies. Bank cards are supported with Visa MoneyTransfer and Mastercard MoneySend solutions.

We support clients globally

Payment limits

E-wallets and mobile accounts:

up to 15,000 rubles per transaction

Visa and MasterCard:

up to 75,000 rubles per transactions
10 transactions a day

We guarantee top-quality service with reliable and stable operation of the payment gateway.
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