Specifics of payments to bank cards

Win Pay makes payments to individuals on behalf of legal entities for VISA/MasterCard bank cards issued by any bank of the world (Mir cards included for Russian market).

Payments can be made

  • manually through the web interface
  • by uploading registry through the web interface (the most straightforward format with any number of recipients)
  • via API after integration process

    We provide the highest rate of successful payments and guarantee security for all involved parties.

  • Types of bank cards

    How it works

    Visa Money Transfer and MasterCard MoneySend technologies allow to transfer money instantly. And it goes without saying that immediate payments take customers' loyalty to the next level. Nothing can beat a feeling, when a well-deserved payout is received in just a few seconds after pressing the button in your user account.

    Specifics of bank cards

    • Direct gateways to bank and payment systems for instant transfers at the lowest rates
    • No need to keep reserves in each payment system
    • Automatic currency convert at the lowest rates available in the market
    • Intraday payments
    • Protection from unauthorized use through data encryption and verification of incoming requests
    • End-to-end document management system with contracts, monthly service reports, tax invoices, etc
    • Exchange of original documents

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